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What happens to my fees when my VA takes leave?

At The Virtual Hub we are big believers in taking care of the well-being of our people. It is important to us (and to you, our client) that our VAs can take paid time off if they are sick, need to attend to a personal matter or just want some time off to enjoy life. Don’t we all?


The Virtual Hub pays for 12 days of leave per year for each VA. Each VA we employ starts to accrue 1 day of paid leave per month from the day they become an employee of ours. However, this does not always coincide with when they start working with you so there can be confusion. We can help with any confusion so don’t worry.


What happens to my fees and account if my VA takes time off or is sick?
The great news is that you only pay for days actually worked and don’t have to worry about funding sick leave, annual leave or any other type of leave. We take care of all of that for you.


All of this is already built into your monthly subscription price. We work out your monthly fee by using this formula: (price per hour X hours per week) X 49 weeks /12  

This is your monthly price which, on an hourly basis, will be slightly cheaper than your quoted ‘price per hour’.

By using 49 weeks of the year and not 52 we account for the 12 days of paid leave we cover plus the 5 days per year we are officially closed (Dec 25, Dec 26, Jan 1, Holy Thursday & Good Friday).


What if the leave my VA is requesting is not suiting my business needs?
You have authority over the decision and we seek your prior approval before allowing any time off to be taken.

The VA needs to apply for leave and you can approve or reject it. We will simply manage the HR and accounts end for you.


What if my VA is sick for multiple days within the first week/month or so of working with me?

In the event that your VA is sick for multiple days when they have just started with you and you and/or they have not yet accrued enough leave, we have two options to recover the lost hours. The VA can use our offset function to make up the hours with you by doing some extra hours each day or working on a weekend. This needs to be first approved by you. We also allow VAs to forward use up to 2 days of paid leave, effectively going into negative leave, to help deal with this situation.

As a final option, some of our clients choose to give the VA gift leave for those sick days.

If none of these options are workable then we can work with you on some other solutions.


What if my VA has accrued lots of leave with a previous client but not with me?

This can happen as a lot of our VAs end up with us very long term.

In this instance, we would move your subscription payment date forward by the number of leave days the VA has accrued elsewhere to get your account back into alignment with the VAs leave credits.


What if I cancel my account & my VA has not taken any leave?
If you cancel and your VA has not taken any or all of their leave days accrued during your contract then we will deduct that from any security bond refunds and/or days owed to work out the 30 days notice of the contract.


For new clients where the VA has built up leave days from an older client but not yet with you we will move your subscription date forward by the number of days we owe you in the event of the VA requesting leave.