LEVEL 1 Virtual Assistant

Support various business functions by carrying out a broad range of administrative tasks like data entry, document and slidedeck creation and formatting, email and calendar management, and doing research. They are able to assist business owners in a wide variety of ways, provided that the tasks they’re delegated with don’t require specialist skills.

Recurring Task List

  • Check email & respond, deal with or delegate 
  • Check Skype voicemails (or similar software) & respond, transcribe voicemail message or delegate
  • Check live chat website messages received overnight & respond, deal with or delegate
  • Open and close Live chat at the start and end of the day on the website so people know when we are there live and when we are not.
  • Manage customer service/support tickets – deal with or delegate (e.g. Zendesk)
  • Check for any messages or comments on Meetup or similar software – esp any reviews good or bad. 
  • Check incoming orders/bookings (whatever it is for your biz) and follow the process (create your step by step process)
  • Update stock / Inventory (whatever it is for your business)
  • Create draft invoices for approval – get approved to send
  • Manage client bookings/calls in your calendar
  • Prepare and send agreement forms, contracts or other needed documents
  • Follow up on signed documents etc
  • Send a daily End of Day Report detailing tasks achieved, questions, roadblocks, feedback.
  • Handle inbound and outbound calls, voicemails, follow-ups ups via Skype or similar
  • Check & Follow Up ETAs from suppliers and purchase orders
  • Sort admin files and documents via Google Docs/Dropbox (or similar)
  • Send the questionnaire to new applicants
  • Answer online inquiries via email/chat with set guidelines
  • Politely follow up overdue invoices
  • Book the weekly meeting with you in your calendar to discuss (insert your agenda)
  • Managing the transcribing services we recommend for podcasts or videos for use as blog content. (NOTE: Our VAs are generally not used for transcribing. We recommend www.rev.com)
  • Research, shortlist, and keep you informed of industry events you may want to attend
  • Contact clients/customers and ask them for feedback using a survey or questionnaire 
  • Reach out to customers/clients and request testimonials using a template message 
  • Follow up unpaid invoices with a template message
  • Research conferences, events, Meetups or online webinars you should potentially attend
  • Admin maintenance (organizing G-Drive database or similar)

Project Task List

General Admin

General admin roles and responsibilities include providing support for all types of organizations and businesses and their staff members.  

  • Set up a Skype local phone number for our business
  • Check flight schedules, hotels, and other travel needs
  • Book a restaurant / find a restaurant
  • Book parking / find cheapest, closest, easiest parking
  • Send emails to confirm appointments
  • Send thank you cards, welcome cards etc to clients/customers/ suppliers
  • Organizing your Dropbox / Google Drive files
  • Creating and managing spreadsheets, word docs, files
  • Research best deals online for things you are looking to buy – office equipment, furniture, holidays …. Anything!
  • Organize flowers or gifts to be sent to your loved ones, colleagues, clients
  • Organize your Christmas card list
  • Head hunt for additional applicants for each given role when needed (LinkedIn, Facebook, SEEK, etc.)
  • Check emails and draft replies
  • Manage google calendar
  • Check Outlook Calendar and Email
  • Check Onenote for NewPost that needs to be done first
  • Update OneNote Key Dates for any upcoming meeting/ events
  • Check Map for travel distances taken for logbook for Tax Office
  • Create Zoom meeting rooms
  • Pay bills (gas, internet, electricity, online subscriptions and the like)
  • Make a tutorial video (via Loom)
  • Create a company procedures manual
  • Create a company policies manual (You provide policies)
  • Shadow you doing various tasks for a couple of weeks and use it to create a step by step process for the task for our business
  • Plan, organize & help coordinate an event
  • Assist with Pipeline Reports
  • Assist with End Of Manufacturing Report
  • Assist with Budget Report
  • Create a client survey
  • Create a client feedback questionnaire and ongoing process to track this
  • Create online templates/questionnaires my clients can fill out
  • Create a newsletter template design for ongoing use
  • Create a flyer for your event
  • Create a poster for your business
  • Create a Media Kit for your business
  • Create a Speakers page on your site with buttons to book you as a speaker
  • Watch videos of you doing a task (screencasts) and then turn that into a step by step process for your business. This is how your VA can create your business processes for you
  • Manage the recruitment process (Video application)
  • Dashboard management for employee onboarding
  • Set up an online booking system & integrate with your website & calendar to streamline your client booking process
  • Create online payment forms your clients can use
  • Recruitment CRM Maintenance (uploading missing files from processed, placed or unsuccessful applicants)
  • Coordinate with talent consultant with new job openings, discuss positioning session
  • Create Product Post for Upcoming event
  • Create Event (Like EventBrite or other booking sites) for upcoming Keynote/workshop
  • Create Event in eSpeakers for upcoming Keynote/Workshop
  • Create in OneNote Task list to prepare for an upcoming event
  • Create a letter template to send out to clients that purchased the tickets
  • Send out emails for those who purchased the tickets for the event

Social Media

Curate content designed to engage followers and promote the brand in a positive manner.


Content Management

Oversees the content presented on websites and blogs, and may also be responsible for curating, posting, updating, re-purposing, and occasionally cleaning up outdated content.


Digital Marketing

Implement strategies and manage marketing campaigns that promote your company’s brand, products, and services. Duties include campaign build off your strategy, analytics report generation and research trends.



Build online processes that will benefit the business daily operation.