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Gift Leave

Often clients like to award their VA’s gift leave and we have a seamless process for that also. 

‘Gift’ Leave

If your VA has no paid leave available and you would like them to take a specific day off then you are more than welcome to gift them a leave day. Or, sometimes we find clients like to award gift leave to their VA’s as a token of thanks or appreciation or for many other reasons.

We can facilitate this for them via our leave approval process the same as the other leave types. Please arrange it with your VA and then they can let us know what approval to send you for signing.

For some instances where there is not enough time for the VA to apply the Gift Leave, just open a support ticket, to let us know that you are granting this particular day as Gift Leave for your VA.

Standard Procedure for applying for gift leave:

We only grant gift leave days if you as the client agree to the specific day(s) requested in writing. 

Step 1: You let your VA know you would like to give them gift leave – specify the days etc.

Step 2: Your VA applies for the leave internally using our leave application process – detailing type of leave, days, dates, reasons etc. 

Step 3: We will send you a leave request email with a button to approve OR reject the leave request. All you have to do is hit the button of your choice and our systems take care of the rest.

Step 4: We will send you a reminder email the day before the leave to remind you it is happening – as long as at least 4 days notice was given otherwise this email won’t trigger. If you gift leave with less than 4 days notice (which is fine) then we will not email a reminder.

We have no minimum notice period for gift leave as it is given at your discretion as client.