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Increase/Decrease Hours


If you would like to upgrade from part time to full time or reduce from full-time to part-time then please follow our process below so our team can action it for you.


First, please submit a support ticket to our team (click the blue Support ticket in the lower right hand corner of your browser window) letting us know what you would like to do – increase hours or decrease hours.



– Temporary increase in hours needed?

If you need a temporary increase in hours then you can avail of our overtime option and just book and pay for overtime hours as you need them. This can often be a good way to cope with short-term project needs as long as your VA has the capacity to take on overtime hours.

– Going part-time to full-time?

As all part-time clients are made aware, each VA will likely have other contracts and so may not be available to go full time with you without dealing with the other client effectively first.

If you and your VA decide that you both really want to go full time then you can still apply and The Virtual Hub will attempt to resolve the other contracts – however, keep in mind it may take time and may not work out. We cannot guarantee the outcome for you.

– Going full-time to part-time?

In the event of wanting to reduce from full-time to part-time (20 hours) then we need to ask for 30 days notice of this so that we can work to give your VA another client.

– Other ? 

Let us know what’s happening via a support ticket and we will work with you to get the best solution.

Please note we only do part-time (20 Hours per week) or full-time (40 hours per week) contracts. This is our business model so if you need to reduce to less than 20 hours we cannot facilitate that. This has been made clear on your initial call to discuss your needs and most of our VA’s want solid, consistent contracts.