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Bonus Payments

At The Virtual Hub, we are a big advocate of performance-related bonuses for VAs.

We believe that bonus payments that have strong KPIs attached to them are a great incentive for your teams and really bring them into the company vision and mission.

A bonus can be anything from $50 to a few hundred – it’s really up to you and how much profit you have managed to garner as a result of freeing up your time effectively.

We recommend using our bonus payment system to pass your bonus onto your VA. This enables us to see the value you feel they are contributing to your business and will, therefore, contribute to their internal KPIs with us and in turn, our internal bonus system.

If you send them bonus payments directly then they will lose out on this kicker from our side. It also places both of you in breach of contracts so we strongly advise using our payments system.

Step 1: Send your VA some comments to accompany their bonus using the form below

Step 2: Hit ‘Submit’ and it will take you to the bonus payment page to complete the transaction.

Want to pay a monthly recurring bonus to your VA? Simply click here!

Want to know when your VA will receive this bonus?

We pay out bonuses on our payroll cycles which fall on the 15th and 30th of each month. In order to make the 15th cutoff we need the bonus payment by the 6th of the month. To make the 30th cutoff we need the bonus payment by the 20th of the month otherwise it will flow over into the next cutoff.